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Context advertisement is a simple and effective way of attracting a target group on the Internet. Such a kind of internet advertisement is based on the searching systems and gives the possibility to adjust the display criterias which are oriented only on people who are interested in your  offer. 

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Plan of work

Choosing a package

You chose a suitable package.

Forming of an application

You register an application on advertisement.


We discuss the details of the campaign with you.


We adjust advertisement campaigns.


You get first clients in 2-4 days already.

Why we are better

Guaranty of the result
We lead to the result.
Adequate price
We don't make a profit out of our clients.

Result of our work

«VDSmarket» - оптово-розничные продажи сварочного оборудования, электро и бензоинструментов

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Сеть автотехцентров "Монро Сервис"

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Красноярская лесоперерабатывающая компания

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Калинин - центр мебельной фурнитуры

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Иройская школа интернат

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