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Media advertising in Russia

It is the motor for your business! Banners are the most effective tool of marketing in the modern Web space.

This kind of the advertising is much better perceived by the consumer: there is no need to spend a lot of time for reading - all is clear, simple and beautiful. "Mediyka" works even in the case where a user doesn't plan to look at it. He may occasionally pay attention to it, and the information will be remembered unconsciously. Display advertising will not only allow you to actively promoting its brand, but also optimizes the funds spent on it: it will turn directly to the target audience.

Our results

Plan of work


Fill the application with your requests.


We call you and discuss the terms. Prepare a bill.


At the first stage we conform the design. At the second stage we program. At the third stage we test and monitor.


After each stage, we send a report. Thus, you control the whole process.


At the end of the development, we test the service again and upload to the site of the client. You accept the work and sign the certificate.

Why we are better

Analytics and clarity
We pay a great attention to the analysis and improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaign .
Media planning
At the heart of every campaign is a detailed media plan.
High expert
For your advertising work for at least 3 specialists. Each of them is "deeply ingrained" in his specialty.
Measurable results
We value our relationship with you in clear and precise terms.

Result of our work

«VDSmarket» - оптово-розничные продажи сварочного оборудования, электро и бензоинструментов

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Сеть автотехцентров "Монро Сервис"

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Красноярская лесоперерабатывающая компания

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Калинин - центр мебельной фурнитуры

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Иройская школа интернат

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