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Creating websites in Russia

We have been making websites more than 7 years alredy. We can make a website of any complexity, style or purpose. It can be an effective B2B portal, convenient internet-shop, informative business card website or any other web-service that is needed by a specific client. 

Our results

Plan of work


You leave an application. Then our manager contacts you.

Filling a brief

You fill a form cotaining the list of the main demands and the information about a future website. It is the base for preliminary determination of the deadline and the cost of making a site.

Discussing the details

We meet you or discuss the details by phone.


You get an estimate for development.


We make a contract with you.


You pay for the first step of the work.

Why we are better

7 years on the market
Huge experience of realizating any internet project of any complexity.
High quality and a real benefit for a client.
We are aiming at our products and services to answer the modern demands and quality standarts, to bring a maximum efficiency to our clients.

Result of our work

Общество русской культуры г. Улан-Удэ

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Рыбозавод «Байкал»

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Интернет-магазин «Клевое место»

Интернет магазин "Клевое место". Нашими специалистами было составлено семантическое ядро сайта. Произведена внешняя и внутренняя оптимизация сайта. Прописаны метатеги title, h1 и description. В результате работы, по истечению трех месяцев посещаемость сайта увеличилась на 210%.

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